21st Mar 2022 @ 11:19 am

Last month the Lanzarote Airport recorded a decrease in total operations but an increase in total number of passenger movements.

Lanzarote’s Airport recorded a second consecutive decrease in operations last month. February recorded 41 fewer operations than January, a month which recorded 819 fewer operations than December 2020.

There has been a consecutive decrease in transported goods also. February recorded 2,616kg less than January, a month which recorded 19,355kg less than December last year.

However, Lanzarote’s Airport recorded an 809% increase in total passenger movements. Last month saw the highest number of passenger movements since November last year.

In 2021 the island registered a total of 3,438,407 movements, which is a positive sign compared to 2020’s total of 2,538,338. However, it should be remembered that 3 million is still far from the pre-Covid levels seen in 2019 which saw a total of 7,292,720 movements.

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