16th Nov 2022 @ 10:22 am

The Cabildo is considering closing off the parking area near Las Grietas, on the LZ-35 road from Tías to San Bartolomé.

Las Grietas are ravines with fascinating patterns of erosion caused over thousands of years, and in recent years they have become an increasingly popular spot for visitors.

Following complaints about traffic problems in the zone from Tías Ayuntamiento, Cabildo Public Works Councillor Alfred Mendoza said that the institution would consider placing bollards in the parking area, to prevent cars from stopping there. Instead, a network of footpaths would be planned for those who wished to enjoy the natural site.

Mendoza also indicated why Las Grietas had become more popular recently: “With GPS systems, when someone posts a photo their followers can find out exactly where it is, and everyone can go to a place which was very -little-known before.”

Las Grietas is also clearly marked on Google Earth, along with the nearby parking area.

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