29th Jan 2024 @ 10:15 am

The Cabildo presented a new device at the international tourism fair in Madrid, which will see the implementation of artificial intelligence at the César Manrique airport to assist tourists.

The “Cicerone” project created by iUrban.es seeks to use Microsoft’s Azure GPT artificial intelligence to assist tourists with any questions they might have once they have landed in Lanzarote.

Soon Lanzarote’s airport will offer travellers a platform that can create travel routes, explain different points of interest on the island, suggest restaurants by type of food and more in up to 95 different languages.

Cabildo president, Oswaldo Betancort, stressed that “this pioneering project will radically transform the experience of tourists when requesting information at the airport.”.

“In short, this is a very important gateway to the island, which will have the first tourist office to use artificial intelligence to offer an immersive and personalised experienced to people who visit us, through the Cicerone platform”, Betancort emphasised.

“It is important that the island’s tourism strategy influences the increase in tourist spending in the destination and make a qualitative leap in positioning Lanzarote as an innovating destination; and introducing technology in tourist information offices means personalising information with a platform that can response 24 hours a day, seven days a week”, he explained.

The new device will come in the form of a standing interactive screen that tourists can use without language barriers.

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