26th Jul 2022 @ 1:54 pm

María del Río, of the Sí Podemos Canarias party, has criticised the situation regarding Lanzarote’s radiotherapy bunker as being unsatisfactory for the islands residents. The bunker in Fuerteventura is already operational, however, Lanzarote will have to wait until the third quarter of 2023.

Del Río has criticised the “vague answers” that have been given in response to the situation regarding Lanzarote’s radiotherapy bunker and claims that “as a member of the Si Podemos Canarias party for Lanzarote, I demand that our island is treated equally.”.

“The vague answers that have been given to do not satisfy the population, it does not make sense that if the only thing missing to make the bunker operational is the purchase of an additional part, which has already been budgeted.”.

“What about the historical demand on Lanzarote, [where residents] have been fighting for so many years, demanding this service?”, she asked the Canarian Health Minister, Blas Trujillo.

Finally, Del Río insisted that the Canarian Health Minister meet with AFOL (Association for Families Affected by Cancer), “an association that has not stopped fighting for the improvements in the island’s treatment options.”.

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