9th Aug 2020 @ 9:26 am

After almost two months without deaths, the Canaries has registered two coronavirus fatalities in the last two days, bringing the total since the start of the crisis to 164.

Both victims are described as elderly, and although they were described as active cases of Covid-19, they were admitted to hospital for other pathologies.

Meanwhile, Lanzarote has doubled its number of cases from 11 to 22 in just two days, with the first non-imported cases that have been spread within the community for several months.

Of the 22 cases that are currently active, 8 are local residents. The other 14 arrived from outside the island and consist of eight visitors from mainland Spain, 5 migrants whose boats were intercepted; and one British citizen.

The 11 recently-reported cases are four locals, described as “close contacts” and seven visitors from the Spanish mainland.

All of the current active cases are described as mild or asymptomatic and are in isolation, with none in hospital.