17th Aug 2020 @ 10:32 am

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I’ve been coming to Lanzarote as a tourist for over 20 years now, twice a year: ¨me gustó Lanzarote!” I had booked to come in May but it was cancelled for obvious reasons. So when it was possible again I booked immediately and now (7-14 July) I’m finally back on the rock again I collected my free copy of the Lanzarote Gazette asap and tried to find the What’s On section: nothing!

Of course I understand, but it makes me a bit sad anyway. Keep up the health checks, stay safe, and let’s get back to business as (new) normal. To all tourists and visitors: keep in mind that the locals were in strict lockdown for 99 days! Many of them without any income!! Don’t forget to tip generously please!

A quick question: Do you know whether Los Dolores will be cancelled completely, or perhaps organized “differently” this year?

Eric Loman

Ed: Thanks for your support, Eric. The lack of cultural events makes us sad, too, and we’d love to write about events on the island again, but it doesn’t look as though we’ll have much until next month at least. Sadly,y the Romería de Los Dolores has been cancelled completely along with all the other summer fiestas, although there will probably be religious services.