6th Jun 2023 @ 9:03 am

The Coalición Canaria (CC) and the Partido Popular (CC) have reached a pact that will allow them to govern jointly in the Cabildo and in Arrecife’s Ayuntamiento.

Oswaldo Betancort of the CC will be the new President of the Cabildo with the support of four PP councillors. In return, Astrid Pérez will continue as the Mayor of Arrecife, having come second behind the Socialists on May 28th.

A similar pact appears likely in Teguise, although the CC and PP do not have enough seats to reach a majority there, and will require the support of another party if Olivia Duque of the CC is to become the new Mayor.

The winning candidate in Teguise, Marcos Bergaz of the Socialists, would require the support of all three minor parties in the council, and has already approached the councillor for Vox as a formality. Unsurprisingly, this offer was rejected by the far right party who will be campaigning vigorously against the Socialists in next month’s general election.

This leaves the Socialists with no option of governing. The CC and PP in Teguise are likely to seek the support of Nueva Canarias or Vox, with the former appearing more likely candidates at the moment. 

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