15th Nov 2021 @ 3:08 pm

The Arrecife Ayuntamiento are continuing to renovate the entirety of Arrecife’s 3-decade-old traffic light systems.

Photo: PP Lanzarote.

The plan is separated into 18 zones, with a total of 194 traffic lights. Etra Bonal are the company in charge of the works and were awarded a budget of €1,529,93 euros at the time.

Currently they are working on zone 14, which holds a section of c/ Manolo Millares, where 15 new traffic lights will be installed along with 2 motorised cameras. The zone is 70% complete and the company will move to c/ Triana when completed.

The current traffic light network in Arrecife is over 3 decades old, and has caused issues for many years; occasionally ceasing to work when it rained.

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