1st Sep 2023 @ 6:00 am

Little Rosita was found abandoned by a roadside in a terrible state. She was brought to SARA where she was nursed back to health and eventually adopted. This is her story (written by SARA volunteer photographer, Justin Kerswell.)

Did you know that SARA – Lanzarote’s largest dog and cat sanctuary – has a permanent foster scheme (PAP) to help support difficult-to-place cats and dogs in new homes? Whether it is because of age, disability or special needs, some dogs and cats find it difficult to be adopted. 

That’s why SARA offers a scheme that provides free healthcare for a select number of animals, to ensure that they spend their final years in a loving home.

A case in point is Rosita, who has such a big personality for a little dog. Found abandoned by a roadside and in a terrible state, she was brought to SARA where she was nursed back to health.

Rosita’s teeth were so rotten from neglect that all but four had to be removed. The sanctuary predicted her age to be around 11 years old. She’s an ‘abuelita’ (Spanish for Granny) with attitude – but also with a lot of love to still give.

An instant hit with the staff and volunteers at SARA, Rosita lived in the veterinary office with all the newly-arrived cats at the shelter. Amazingly, she was completely indifferent to them – and even shared her bed with one once!

That’s how she caught our eye. We had already rescued a number of street cats and wanted to introduce a dog that wouldn’t upset them. It can vary how long it takes for any animal to acclimatise to a new home, but luckily for us, Rosita fitted right in and has blossomed into a confident and happy little dog.

As with other animals on the PAP scheme, Rosita does have some special needs. She is almost blind and needs to have her eyes cleaned at least once a day. She is very patient and lets us care for her. She adores her walks around The Charco in Arrecife and makes friends wherever she goes.

It is incredibly rewarding to give one of these special animals a forever home, especially those in their twilight years. The sanctuary provides excellent support and you never have to worry about large veterinary expenses. If you think you might be interested in finding out more or you would like to see which animals are currently on the PAP scheme visit www.saraprotectora.org/en/pap-permanent-foster-plan or phone the office on 928 17 34 17 (English spoken).

A donation to support SARA’s vital work would also be very welcome. You can also view which animals are available for adoption and volunteering opportunities for dog walking and cat socialising on their website. The shelter can also be emailed to info@sara-lanzarote.eu.

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