28th Apr 2022 @ 1:25 pm

The Lanzarote Cabildo, in collaboration with EcoVidrio, Lanzarote Recicla and Urbaser, have recently printed informative leaflets about how to take care of the island by helping the planet. Here’s what it has to say.

Recycling is so important, as groups like Lanzarote Limpia already know. The group organise weekly clean-ups all over the island and have seen their fair share of rubbish in that time. In an article that we published about them in the June 2021 edition, the group told us about the most common items they found on their trips.

Among the most common items found are glass bottles, plastics, cans, plastic bags, pellets and cigarette ends.

According to the leaflet published by the Cabildo over 8000 tonnes of packaging waste are recycled by Lanzarote’s residents and moved to a recycling plant on Gran Canaria. The Zonzamas Complex is where all of the island’s rubbish is sorted and categorised, ready to be sent to Gran Canaria.

Once the rubbish has been sorted by the Zonzamas staff it is compacted and sent to Gran Canaria, it is then transformed to create new products – reusing the discarded materials.  

Although it has been a long-standing issue on the island, in recent weeks we have seen posts on social media drawing attention to the islands illegal dumping sites – which the Arrecife Ayuntamiento are currently in the process of cleaning and removing.

It is vitally important that we look after the island and its native species. To do so, we must properly dispose of our rubbish! Remember that blue means paper and cardboard, yellow means plastic, cans and food, green means glass

You can report incidents of illegal dumping via the Linea Verde app that can be found on the App Store or Google Play.

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