4th Jan 2021 @ 5:48 pm


I really hope that 2021 is a kinder year for all of us. It has been very strange seeing the resorts so quiet over the festive season and even the Día de los Reyes (King’s Day) processions were cancelled this year.

Luckily, no one can cancel the weather and although January is the coldest month on average, it is very likely you will still develop a suntan. The UV, even through the clouds, is 4 or 5 and so will have an impact on any unprotected skin. Add to this daylight hours from around 7:30 am until 6pm, and you have the perfect winter sun destination.

Last year we saw very little January rain and the first 3 weeks had beautiful blue skies with the clouds not really arriving until the end of week 3. For holiday makers it is certainly still nice enough for shorts and t-shirts in the day. For the night time maybe a fleece and pair of jeans, although you may well see the locals donning a few more layers.

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