18th Jan 2022 @ 9:51 am

Teguise Local Police are investigating after a wave of vandalism in La Villa de Teguise, Tahiche and Costa Teguise over the weekend.

Firemen had to be called to extinguish fires in six rubbish containers on Saturday night. The blazes, which took place in two separate areas, also damaged the rear of a van that was parked close by.

The day before, Teguise residents had discovered various buildings and facilities in La Villa de Teguise defaced by graffiti, and the toilets in the Plaza de la Mareta damaged. In Costa Teguise, bus shelters on the Avenida de las Cucharas were also defaced.

Teguise Mayor Oswaldo Betancort condemned how “lamentable and indignant it feels to see certain individuals who devote themselves to destroy urban facilities and burning rubbish containers, with the risk that this brings as well as the cost to the public purse.”

Local Police Chief Miguel Ángel Martínez said “these deliberate acts constitute a crime, relative to the amount of damage caused” and asked for local residents to offer any assistance they could give in tracking down the culprit/s by calling 112 or 928 84 52 52 .

Three years ago, Arrecife police identified several people who were responsible for over 600 acts of graffiti in the capital. Charges were brought against them, with possible fines of €600 for each instance of vandalism.

The burning of rubbish containers has also been a persistent problem on Lanzarote in recent years. On other Canary Islands, CCTV and drone cameras have been successfully used to catch arsonists who have repeatedly targeted certain areas, but the burnings on Lanzarote have tended to occur in several different places.

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