30th Nov 2022 @ 3:30 pm

The Cabildo yesterday confirmed that it would be sending a crane-boat to the Atlantic Museum to remove another two statues “in the next days or weeks”. The statues are depictions of the lawyer Ignacio Calatayud, which could not be identified on Saturday night when the first two statues were removed.

The boat comes from Tenerife, and the Coalición Canaria claim that it costs around €10,000 to hire.

The Cabildo insists that the figures must be removed as they represent an “era of corruption.” However, although Calatayud is under investigation for corruption offences, he has not yet been convicted.

Meanwhile, Jason de Caires Taylor, the creator of the museum has commented on the constroversy, saying “When I came to Lanzarote, I made hundreds of casts of people. Their names and positions have nothing to do with the artwork.

“It is impossible to have faith in politicians who should be working for the future when they waste time on petty vendettas.

“The power of art is to show what lies beneath the surface. The Atlantic Museum has highlighted the beauty of life underneath, as well as the political pantomime above”.

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