15th Feb 2024 @ 9:20 am

The emergency services were alerted to a car that was on fire in Punta Mujeres shortly followed by another report of a vehicle fire in Arrecife yesterday.

At approximately 6:30pm yesterday evening, fire fighters were alerted to a car that had been set on fire in Punta Mujeres. The vehicle had bee parked in the same spot for months.

Upon arrival, the fire fighters safely extinguished the fire, however, the car had been destroyed.

Shortly after, the fire fighters were called to Calle Tinache in Arrecife after receiving a report that another car was on fire.

Upon arrival, the fire fighters extinguished the flames. No injuries were reported.

Finally, a report of a rubbish container fire on Calle Calderetas in San Bartolomé. The fire fighters arrived to find the container on fire and safely extinguished the flames.

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