15th Jun 2023 @ 10:54 am

A tourist has been recorded getting into the swimming pool at Jameos del Agua as pictures of her were taken.

Swimming in the Jameos del Agua is strictly prohibited at both the natural pool and the manmade pool further on. Despite the signs telling visitors not to enter the pool, a tourist has been recorded getting into the pool and swimming for a few minutes, posing by one of the rocks for a picture.

This isn’t the first time that tourists have ignored the signs. Read about the incident in 2022 when a group of French tourists got into the water at Jameos del Agua, home to the famous, and endangered, albino crab.

Fines have been handed out in the past for swimming at Jameos del Agua, and the cost can be expected between 600 – 3000 euros.

The video:

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