19th Sep 2023 @ 5:14 am

Tinajo residents have called on the mayor to take measures to prevent the events that took place at this years Los Dolores festival in Mancha Blanca and have asked for a public apology.

The residents have expressed their outrage at the events that occurred on Saturday night in Mancha Blanca which included a number of incidents such as “inappropriate public behaviour, minor disturbances and events that disturbed the community.”.

In the message sent to Tinajo mayor, Jesús Machín, the residents highlighted the “Verbena del Agua”, organised by Machín, in particular. According to residents the event lacked proper planning and security measures.

They call for responsibility and demand that proper measures are taken next time to prevent similar events from negatively affecting the municipality’s image.


A video from the event showing a shirtless man dancing and collapsing in water on Saturday night has gone viral on social media.

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