2nd Feb 2022 @ 9:50 am

José Luís Aparício, the director of the Hospital Dr Jose Molina Orosa in Arrecife, has said “Figures are clearly decreasing. The indicators are falling as sharply as they once rose. The situation is much better, but the fight isn’t quite over yet.”

Aparicio said that hospital pressure was now “acceptable”, with 17 people in the isolation ward at the general hospital, and a further 17 at the Hospital insular, die to a recent outbreak there.

A similar pattern is being repeated on all of the Canary Islands, while Lanzarote has the lowest percentage of positive tests on all the islands.

Nevertheless, caution is still likely to be the watchword for the next week or two. All the islands are currently at the levels that correspond to their figures, and health experts generally like to see 14 days of continued improvement before reducing levels.

But once the “sixth wave” (as Spain is calling the avalanche of Omicron cases) is over, there are likely to be big changes, with Health Minister Carolina Darías already hinting at a relaxation of the mask law, and a new “sentinel” method of monitoring the virus that is similar to the way flu is controlled.   

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