6th Feb 2024 @ 8:47 am

The beautiful town of Teguise has been selected as a candidate for “Best Cultural Village” in the “Village of the Year” awards. You can vote for Teguise online for free.

The town of Teguise, elected as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Spain” in 2020 is once again selected as a candidate for an award in the second year of the “Village of the Year” awards, organised by Prensa Ibérica.

“We are very pleased and proud that Teguise is recognised, once again, among all the towns of the Canary Islands and Spain, in this case, for the extraordinary historical, cultural, heritage and natural value it possesses,” stated Mayor of Teguise, Olivia Duque.

“Undoubtedly, Teguise is not only one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and we have been recognised as such, but it is also an exceptional Historic-Artistic site, and one of the best preserved in the Canary Islands,” Duque added, who encourages all citizens to “participate in the votes.”.

You can vote online for free here: https://www.mejorpueblo.es/pueblo/teguise/


In addition to the town of Teguise, Tinajo has also been selected as a candidate for “Best Cultural Village” as well as “Best Sustainable Village.”.

Mayor of Tinajo, Jesús Machín, wants to appeal to all those who feel linked in any way to our beloved Tinajo, on behalf of the rest of the government group and the Tinajo neighborhood, to support the town’s candidacy for the awards.

You can vote online for Tinajo here: https://www.mejorpueblo.es/pueblo/tinajo/

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