9th Oct 2022 @ 9:25 am

Teguise’s government has come under attack from opposition councillors for the neglect of gardens and green areas in Costa Teguise.

Socialists on the council recently accused Mayor Oswaldo Betancort’s ruling group of failing to pay invoices to the Urbaser company, which is carrying out garden maintenance against its will. Socialist councillor Marcos Bergaz said a debt of over total of around €1 million is now owed.

Urbaser declined to continue with the contact when it expired two years. However, Teguise forced it to do so on the grounds that maintenance was a special service for citizens. In the meantime, two attempts by Teguise to offer a tender for the contract have failed.

PP members of the council also criticised the fact that over a million Euros of debt has accrued because of the delay in a new tender. They urged the mayor to “Get his act Together”, saying the state of the gardens in the resort was “terrible” and, in the case of the palm trees that line avenues, had become an intolerable situation.

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