29th Mar 2024 @ 9:35 am

The Canaries will ask the Spanish government to prohibit smoking on bar and restaurant terraces, at bus stops and at sporting events at a meeting of regional health authorities next week.

It will also call for a ban on disposable single-use vaping products, and to control the sale of vaping equipment in the same way as tobacco, even though it does not contain nicotine. This is because “it is a gateway for young people to consume tobacco.”  

The Interterritorial Health Council will see representatives of all of Spain’s regions discuss proposed new anti-smoking legislation with the national government.

The Canaries has also asked for detailed information on the effectiveness of the generic packaging of cigarettes in countries such as the UK and Australia. This proposal has been opposed by Asinca, the Canarian federation for the tobacco industry, who claim that it may threaten 4,500 jobs.

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