5th Sep 2023 @ 10:47 am

Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the September edition.

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Dear Gazette,

My wife and I come to stay in Lanzarote whenever we can, stopping in Puerto del Carmen.

What a difference this last holiday in July not to have to contend with the scooters up and down the Playa!

They have been an absolute menace, I myself was nearly bowled over on the crossing near the Biosfera when three sped past inside vehicles that had stopped for me crossing the road to the clinic there. We both hope and pray that this situation is permanent and not just an interlude like it’s been in my home town Birmingham.

Do you know if they’re due to make a return or not? Doubtless we’ll find out when we return once again.

Regards Terry & Carol Coates

Ed: Hundreds of scooters have been removed by the authorities, mainly because they have no licence and do not pay taxes, but also because of complaints such as yours. Some authorised scooters are still available, but they are now subject to stricter road traffic laws.


Dear Editor

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo on my shoulder and have seen a couple of Manrique designs I like. Do I need to get permission to use them?

Dana Cox

Ed: Technically, yes. Copyrighted designs and logos are protected by law. In reality, it’s extremely unlikely that the Cabildo or FCM would go to the bother of legal action over a tattoo.


Dear Gazette,

I read your Facebook report that there are plans to install jetties in Arrecife’s Charco where the little boats can be moored. Are they mad? This would ruin one of the most charming views on the island.

Yours, Neil T.

Ed: It’s an idea, not a plan, Neil. The Cabildo commissioned a study into ways as to how to stop littering and mess in the Charco, and this was one of the suggestions. Any future decisions will be taken with the agreement of local businesses and associations, and the tourist appeal of the picture-postcard aspect of the Charco is sure to be a major factor.


Dear Editor

Landing at the airport recently, I decided to take the bus. While waiting, three cars parked at the bus stop, leaving their motors running and treating me and five others to lungfuls of the fumes from their exhausts while they waited for their pick-ups. When the bus arrived and sounded its horn to clear the way, one driver even got out and started arguing with the bus driver!

I thought I’d read that private vehicles are banned from the lower concourse. That makes sense, and when I do pick-ups myself, I always park upstairs and rarely pay more than a Euro.

Simon Painter, via email

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