1st Aug 2023 @ 11:09 am

Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the August edition.

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Dear Gazette,

I’d like to point out how dire the taxi queues are in Playa Blanca during peak times of the year. Last week I saw a queue almost heading down to the roundabout all waiting for queues.

This isn’t normal or acceptable. When will they fix this? Waiting an hour for a taxi is ridiculous for a tourist resort.

They should be better prepared for the summer months.

Jim Sutcliffe

Ed: The taxi queues in Playa Blanca have been a longstanding issue, and you aren’t the first to point out the long queues during the busy summer months. Yaiza Ayuntamiento recently issued ten more drivers, however, more might be needed with the number of tourists visiting the southern resort especially with the construction of the new hotel.


Dear Gazette,

We look forward to your weekly newsletter and find it an invaluable source of all things Lanzarote. My wife and I holiday regularly on Lanzarote and your letters keep us up-to-date with the island while we’re away – we feel like we’ve never left!

Keep it up.

Ken F.


Dear Ed,

A few airlines such as Binter and Canaryfly offer special rates for Canarian and Spanish residents to travel to different islands and further afield. The cabildos and Canarian Government should look to promote this more as a way to get people out and about on the other islands.

I for one know many residents here who have never even stepped foot of out of their municipality let alone Lanzarote. Travel broadens the mind.

Thanks, Howard F.

Ed: The airline promotions are a great and affordable way to experience the other Canary Islands, and low-cost flights leave tourists with more money to spend in local businesses. There are already quite a few promotions dotted throughout the year, so I doubt any more will be added.


Dear Editor,

Your post on Facebook about Manrique got me thinking about how he would view the island in 2023. For one I think he would be appalled by the number of new hotels that have popped up on the island since his death. We must protect Lanzarote and try to keep some open space!

Puerto del Carmen is packed tightly with villas, hotels, restaurants and bars, there’s no room to move and the traffic along the seafront is unsightly.

Perhaps we should think WWCD – What would César Do? – before drawing up contracts for new constructions… Just a thought.

Yours, Gerd Liese

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