16th Sep 2023 @ 9:10 am

Environmental group Ecologistas En Acción have expressed their disagreement with the proposal to place 53 pylons in the Los Ajaches protected area between Macher and Playa Blanca.

The 132-kilowatt pylons would carry 18 kms of cable and measure between 44 and 49 metres in height – almost as tall as Arrecife’s Gran Hotel. 

EEA claim that the Redes Eléctricas de España, who have proposed the project, are “a multinational that is only 20% in public ownership” and complain that their aim is “to double the transport capacity of fossil-fuel derived energy”.

“The aim of this company is to disfigure the oldest landscape on the island, a place with wild unspoiled areas” EEA claimed.

The Canarian High Court recently rejected an appeal against the pylons made by the Ayuntamiento of Yaiza. 

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