29th Jul 2020 @ 11:04 am

Sooner or, preferably, later, you’ll need to use Lanzarote’s Dr. José Molina Orosa hospital. Here’s how…


The Urgencias (Emergency) department of the Dr José Molina Orosa Hospital in Arrecife is the first thing you see as you approach it from the ring road around Arrecife. Stay right as you leave the roundabout, pass the Repsol garage and keep right after the next, smaller roundabout. If necessary, use the emergency ramp in front of the green Urgencias building., otherwise there’s usually parking opposite or past the ramp.


Consultas Externas is the hospital outpatients department where most patients will be invited for tests and minor procedures. It’s around the back of the hospital and you get there by taking the second exit of the smaller roundabout, passing the ITV centre on your right then taking the next right onto C/ De Crispín Corujo before turning right again onto C/ Sabin Berthelot. Enter on the upper floor, where there’s usually a staff member available to give you directions.

Tip: If your Spanish isn’t perfect, ask the assistant to write the destination down, as the lifts and stairs lead to a warren of corridors and consultation rooms.


Hospitalised patients are usually found in the main body of the hospital, whose entrance a little further up from the emergency department. This is where you’ll be admitted for a scheduled procedure or kept after surgery/childbirth etc. There’s a useful cafeteria opposite, and it’s possible to park at either end of the hospital.