20th Apr 2022 @ 9:09 am

Masks are no longer compulsory in indoor spaces in Spain following the publication of the government’s new mask law this morning.

From today, masks will no longer be required in shops, bars, restaurants, museums, concerts, sporting events and many other situations where they were previously required. The new law also states clearly that masks are no longer compulsory in schools, and an announcement on this is expected from the Canarian Education Council.

There are exceptions to the law: masks must still be worn on public transport (buses, taxis, planes etc) although not in stations or, it appears, airports.

They must also be worn in any establishment related to health, which includes hospitals, health centres and chemists’ shops. Hairdressers, beauty salons and gymnasiums are not included in these exceptions.

Masks will not be compulsory in shopping centres or supermarkets, although managers can recommend their use in potentially crowded areas such as lifts and corridors. Individual businesses may choose to insist on masks as a condition of entry, if they wish to do so, although this appears to require approval by regional authorities.

In the workplace, each business will have the right to decide which mask rules apply to employees, and these should be assessed by the health and safety delegate/s of the company, or external assessors.

Spain’s Health Ministry is still recommending “responsible use” of masks. Health Minister Carolina Darias has said she advises mask-wearing in crowded situations, and for vulnerable people in any indoor situation. Those classed as vulnerable include pregnant women, those over the age of 60 and those with immune system deficiencies.

Mask use indoors has been compulsory in Spain for almost two years, since May 2020, including two periods when masks were also required to be worn in the open air. The exemptions to mask wearing laws that have applied since the law was introduced will still apply to those who can show they have a valid, certified medical reason for not wearing a mask in the remaining situations where one is still required.

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