9th Nov 2022 @ 2:44 pm

Students from CEIP Ajei took a trip to La Graciosa this week to plant native flora after winning the “Un bosque de Ecopilas 2022” competition.

The competition (which saw participating schools compete to collect the most used batteries) was carried out in collaboration with Lanzarote Recicla, Fundación Ecopilas and the Aula de la Naturaleza.

CEIP Ajei won the competition with a total of 130kg of batteries collected. In total, 22 schools had collected a total of 526kg of batteries in just four months.

The Cabildo’s Waste Councillor, Hugo Delgado, was surprised by the results and pointed out that “this type of campaign is very important to Lanzarote, which as a Biosphere Reserve is always committed to being sustainable and to raising awareness among children.”.

Delgado added that “we want to take different projects focused on recycling and environmental awareness to schools, so that children are in charge of spreading a culture of recycling.”.

The students from CEIP Ajei, with the help from students in La Graciosa, planted native flora together. “It is important that the pupils do their bit for the reforestation of the island”, stated Delgado.

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