27th May 2021 @ 8:57 am

Lanzarote once again became the worst-performing of the Canary Islands yesterday after registering 45 new cases of coronavirus – the highest figure since the peak of the third wave in February.  

Even more concerning is that these cases seem to be widely distributed around the island. While most have occurred in the capital Arrecife, cases were recorded in all seven of the island’s municipalities, and only a handful of these derived from the gym outbreak which was responsible for the majority of new cases in recent weeks.

Lanzarote’s 7- and 14-day infection rates are both now in high risk (Level 3) territory, and only low occupancy levels in the hospital may keep it from being upgraded to Level 3 in the Canarian Government’s weekly review of the islands’ status, which will take place later today.

Last week, the Canarian Government justified keeping Lanzarote in Level 2 because most of its new cases stemmed from a single source. That is no longer the case after yesterday’s figures, and the Canarian Health Service yesterday confirmed that Lanzarote had registered six new outbreaks, one of which had occurred in a construction company.

Also of concern is the fact that the island’s traceability percentage has fallen, meaning that only 70% of cases have been successfully linked to a recorded outbreak. In Tías, the traceability percentage has fallen to 37.5, meaning that just three of the eight cases recorded this week have been traced.

The tracing team will be working hard to try and find out where new cases originate from over the coming days. There is, however, no indication that they have been imported by tourists or travellers.

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