3rd Jan 2021 @ 11:33 am

January Island Information! A rundown of everything that is happening this month that you need to know; written in a brief and easy to understand format.

First published in Gazette Life, January 1st 2020.


We’ve got two copies of Chris Berry’s bone-crunching new Lanzarote-based rugby league crime novel Tough Season in the Sun to give away. It’s the sequel to his well-received debut Tough Season, and takes the rugby action from gritty Yorkshire to sun-kissed Playa Blanca. Read more on page 22, and for a chance to win the book, simply answer the following question:

Which Yorkshire city’s rugby league side are the Bulls?

Send your answer to us at: editorial@gazettelife.com.

Church services in January

Anglican Church services led by Father Stan Evans will take place on the following dates:

Puerto del Carmen: Every Sunday at 12.30pm

Playa Blanca: January 3rd, 17th and 31st at 5.00pm

All Services offer Holy Communion and everybody is welcome. Find out more at lanzarotechurch.com.

Festive gesture

Every Christmas its a tradition for Spanish employers to give hampers of food and goodies to their staff. The custom has taken a battering during recent crises, but still persists in local authorities.

However, this year the staff at Lanzarote Cabildo have agreed to forego their hampers, and have requested that the money that would have been spent on them goes towards food banks or toys for vulnerable families instead, in a year that has seen the pandemic cause spiralling social problems throughout the world.

Poetry corner

Our resident bard John Leppard says ¹This started out as a happy New Year poem, but went its own way”.


Last year is dead and gone,
And ‘‘Good riddance’, most would say,
Now a New Year has begun,
But it is only underway.
It gives us hope for better things,
That our tourism still thrives,
But most of all it brings,
Hope we reclaim former lives.

Granny’s Attic charity shop

Since opening on the 14th of December, Granny’s Attic charity shop in Playa Blanca has proved popular with locals. Sue Jones of the “Lanzarote Online Charity Shop” Facebook group, saw an opening for a real charity shop to help those in need. Donations are very much appreciated, and all proceeds made by the shop go to the Flora Acoge Fundación in Arrecife.

The shop is open Mon– Fri 11am – 5pm, except for Thursdays (11am – 7pm).

Straight to your door

LZ Eats is a positive story at the end of a year full of negative news – a restaurant home delivery service thats based on Lanzarote and is already providing employment.

Home delivery came into its own during last years lockdown, but LZ Eats now wants to take things even further, providing everyone on Lanzarote with the very best dishes from a wide range of excellent restaurants on their doorstep.

Founder Mark Robinson has big plans for LZ Eats, whose smart new office in Costa Teguise and fleet of delivery staff on electric vehicles are already making waves around the island.

To find out more, download the LB Eats app on App Store or Google Play.


Shoppers at the Biosfera in Puerto del Carmen got the surprise of their lives on Saturday 12th December, when the Lanzadance dance group formed a flashmob on every floor of the shopping centre. The impromptu dance was followed by a performance of Aladdin. Well done, everybody!

Dog of the month

Curro is an adorable 4-year-old mix. He is such a lovely, happy boy nobody can believe he has spent most of his life at the shelter. He is great with people and other dogs and loves his walks. He keeps getting overlooked, but will you be the one that won’t pass him by? Find out more at saraprotectora.org or book an appointment on 928 173 417 English spoken. Dog walkers welcome from 10.30 – 13.00 Monday to Saturday (Saturday by appointment only). If it is your first visit, please bring ID.

Cats of the month

The Plazuela brothers are two super handsome tabbies who were rescued from a dangerous situation by SARA when they were just two months old. Sadly, unlike many other kittens, this pair weren’t adopted and are still at the shelter a year and two months later. They are calm and very affectionate with people and good with other cats. Ideally, they would be adopted together, but it isn’t essential.

Find out more:

Plazuela 1 – http//www.saraprotectora.org/ficha-6987

Plazuela 2 – http//www.saraprotectora.org/ficha-6988

SARA has lots of cats looking for loving homes. See their profiles on their website or make an appointment to come and visit to meet them. There are also limited places for people to help with socialising cats. Email info@sara-lanzarote.eu.