29th Sep 2023 @ 2:50 pm

Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, the leader of the PP party which won most votes in May’s Spanish general election, will try once more to win enough support to form a government today.

Feijóo is likely to fail as the parties that back him, which include the Coalicion Canaria, fall four seats short of an absolute majority of 176.

If he does fail, it will be acting President Pedro Sánchez’s turn to try and cobble together a majority. However, Sánchez faces controversial demands from two regional Catalan parties, the ERC and Junts, to pardon members who were sentenced for participating in the illegal referendum and declaration of independence in 2017. The two separatist parties have also demanded an official referendum in Catalonia.

Sánchez’s Socialists have repeatedly refused to consider any such vote. If Sánchez also fails to form a government, Spain is likely to return to the polls in January.     

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