29th Mar 2024 @ 6:00 am

Crazy Minigolf Lanzarote, the only 18-hole course on the Island, is the perfect spot to have some competitive fun for adults and families. We went down recently to have a go ourselves.

The Crazy Minigolf Lanzarote has been open for a year now and is the only 18-hole course on the Island situated in Puerto del Carmen, for this reason we had to go down and see it for ourselves. It’s not the usual indoor course that you might expect to find – it sits on the seafront and has a panoramic view of the beautiful blue water and palm trees.

Lanzarote is a hot and windy island but that doesn’t matter at Crazy Minigolf Lanzarote – the indoor course provides protection from the elements while also allowing for plenty of natural sunlight to flood the room, making for a bright and lively space.

This changes at night, when the course takes on a neon vibe with glow in the dark painted walls and led-lit holes.

They have a fully stocked bar too, with a selection of beers (on tap and bottled), spirits, slushies and soft drinks.

The holes are arranged in a circuit and are clearly numbered – with more challenging holes as you progress. They are deceptively tricky, with obstacles such as ramps, loops, traffic cones and a one-shot pinball hole that could turn the game on its head with its chance of winning double points from one hole.

The courses are for all ages and will challenge even experienced mini-golf putters.

We were greeted at the entrance and handed our clubs and scoresheet. I started well, firmly putting the Gazette editor in his place with a four-hole lead right up to the final 8 holes. However, as the holes became more challenging, the editor grew into the game and came back to beat me with a final nail in the coffin at the pinball hole.

After the game, we handed our clubs back and headed downstairs to enjoy a drink at the 19th hole (The Beach Pub).

It’s a fantastic time (even if you give away a massive lead!) It’s a must-visit.

Crazy Minigolf Lanzarote is located in the La Peñita Shopping Centre at 19-21 Avenida de las Playas 57, Puerto del Carmen, upstairs next to the Music Hall Tavern. For directions, click here.

The course is open every day of the week from 10am until 11:30pm, and a round of golf costs €8 for adults, €6 for children 12 and under.

For more information check out the course’s website:


Check in with their social media pages for regular updates:



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