Places To Visit

Visiting Lanzarote’s airport museum

Lanzarote’s Museo Aeronáutico (Airport Museum) is passed by thousands of cars daily, but only a few end up exploring this fascinating place. That’s a shame, because it’s a little gem – we took a tour of the museum recently.

Visiting Haría

Quiet, charming and full of character are three things that perfectly describe Haría - a place where the timeless rhythms of daily life still seem to prevail.

What to do when it rains on Lanzarote

When it does rain on Lanzarote, it rarely does so for long. Light showers are the main type of rain, but much heavier downfalls can also happen. Whatever type of rain, you probably won’t be spending much time on the beach or by the pool, so here are a few other bright ideas for a wet day.

Top 5 secret Lanzarote spots

Lanzarote has several hidden oddities that tourists and residents often miss. Here are our top 5 secret spots for you to visit:

Visiting La Gomera

La Gomera, the second-smallest island in the Canaries, is one of the strangest places to visit if you’re only familiar with Lanzarote. In just two short flights, you are transported to an island with luscious forests, streams, and waterfalls.

Lanzarote’s Volcano Museum

We took a trip to the recently renovated Casa de Los Volcanes in the Jameos del Agua & discovered a fascinating interactive space that sheds light on Lanzarote’s volcanic origins.

Top 5 Lanzarote views

Lanzarote has several miradors dotted around the island, boasting stunning and unique views. Here’s our guide to our top 5 Lanzarote viewpoints:

Visiting Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero is, literally a haven. The word haven means “harbour, a place of shelter and calm” and perfectly sums up the atmosphere of Lanzarote's first leisure marina.

Visiting the Islote de la Fermina

The Islote de la Fermina finally opened to the public on January 30th, 2023. We took a look at Arrecife's beautiful new tourist attraction.

Top 5 green spaces on Lanzarote

Find out more about the gardens and wild green places on the island. Here is our list of some of the best places to visit.