17th Nov 2023 @ 9:19 am

César Manrique’s sculpture Fobos is on course to return to the Tahiche roundabout by December, the Cabildo have announced.

The gleaming mobile that represents three orbs is one of the most impressive of Manrique’s “wind toys” and was located at the junction where the artist lost his life in a car accident 31 years ago.

During his life, Manrique only saw the construction of one “wind toy” – the large red one at Arrieta. The others were constructed after his death, based on plans in his notebooks.

Each structure is made of hand-made parts, many of which are not available in the Canaries, which means that repairing them is often a long and expensive task.

“The Cabildo staff are working flat out to meet deadlines and have Fobos back in place by the end of this month”, stated Cabildo Vice President, Jacobo Medina.

“We continue to work hand in hand with the Fundacion César Manrique to ensure that the structures return to the place at which they were designed.

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