21st Apr 2020 @ 7:25 am

When it comes to house and building fires, the Canaries is the safest region of Spain. That’s because a large proportion of dangerous and fatal blazes in Spain are caused by faulty heating systems, and there is simply less need for heating here.

On the whole, the risks from fire are decreasing all over because of improved safety measures and materials and lower rates of smoking, but fire is still something that all homeowners and householders must take into account.

Fire regulations vary according to whether the property is a private dwelling or a business premises, and any bar owner on Lanzarote will tell you that the regs can be pretty demanding. Compliance with the existing legislation is also important when it comes to insurance.

If you’re renting a holiday villa or apartment, you’ll also need to comply with the strict safety regulations, even if you don’t have an official tourist licence.

In case of fire, do the following:


– Know the location of fire extinguishers and how to use them.

– Know principal and alternative escape routes that can be used in the case of emergency.

– Ensure that other family members or staff also know the above.


– Call the emergency number 112.

– If possible, turn off electricity and gas.

– Move any flammable items or materials away from the fire.


– Do not place yourself at risk from heat or smoke.

– Don’t throw water on electrical fires, or fires involving inflammable liquids such as oil, petrol etc.


– Do not use lifts.

– Do not push or panic.

– Close doors behind you.

– Crawl to avoid smoke if necessary.