9th Mar 2022 @ 12:23 pm

While February felt like a bad month of weather for most, it received less rain than the previous year and was warmer on average.

It did rain last month, and it rained hard, however, the island only recorded 9.1 litres of rain last month. Which is just 46% of the rainfall in February 2021 (19.6 litres).

In February 2020 the island did not record a single day of rain, while February 2019 recorded only 4.6 litres. Which is a significant decrease from February 2018’s 44.7 litres and 2016’s 48.2 litres.

As for the temperature last month’s average was recorded at 19.8°C, while February 2021 recorded an average of 17.6°C, according to the Lanzarote Data Centre.

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