2nd Feb 2023 @ 3:04 pm

Desertwatch are offering free excursions into Lanzarote’s El Jable region until the end of May.

El Jable is Lanzarote’s natural desert, a unique place created by sand washed up over millennia onto Famara beach, which is blown inland creating dunes and sandy plains. In this quiet, beautiful landscape you can find birds such as the Hubara Bustard, Cream Coloured Coursers, Stone Curlews and many more, as well as unique traditional farming methods.

It’s also a fragile zone where ecologists have denounced businesses who extract sand for building, and rallying events that disturb the delicate ecosystem.

Desertwatch will be holding a guided walk  into El Jable from 9am  to 12 midday every Saturday from now until the end of May. The landscape will be explained, birds will hopefully be spotted and participants will gain new understanding of this fascinating ecosystem. It’s open to all ages, and the walk is easy.

Each trip is limited to a certain number of people, and you must  register (free of charge) at desertwatch.org.

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