23rd Feb 2023 @ 3:07 pm

Tías Ayuntamiento have announced a number of road closures beginning tomorrow, February 24th, as carnival fever looks to take over Puerto del Carmen.

The road closures come with the arrival of Puerto del Carmen’s carnival events, so expect the main streets to be closed.

The closures are as follows:

Friday 24th February:

18:00 – 05:00 parking on Calle Teide will be closed between the turnings to Calle Lanzarote and Calle Mesana. The loading and unloading bays on Calle Roque Nublo will also be closed at the entrance to Calle Teide.

19:30 – 05:00 Calle Lanzarote will be closed to traffic except for authorised vehicles.

As a result, the taxi rank on Calle Lanzarote will be cancelled between 19:30 – 05:00, moving to a temporary taxi rank set up on Calle Roque Nublo.

22:00 – 20:00 (the following day) Calle Suecia will be closed between the turnings to Calle Portugal and Avenida Italia. Parking will be prohibited on Avenida Italia between Avenida Las Playas and Calle Holanda.

Saturday 25th February:

15:00 – 22:00 Avenida Italia will be closed to traffic between Avenida Francia and Avenida Las Playas, as well as on Avenida Las Playas between Avenida Italia and Calle Acatife.

17:30 – 23:00 Avenida Las Playas will be closed to traffic between Calle Acatife and Calle Timanfaya, as well as on Calle Timanfaya between Calle Alegranza and Calle Juan Carlos I, and on Calle Juan Carlos I between Calle Manguia and Rambla Islas Canarias.

Sunday 26th February:

09:30 – 12 noon Calle Lanzarote will be closed to traffic, as well as Calle Teide between Calle Lanzarote and Calle Los Afrechos. Calle Los Afrechos will be closed to traffic also.

10:45 – 11:30 Calle Teide will be closed to traffic between Calle Roque Nublo and Calle Los Afrechos, as well as Calle Los Afrechos between Calle El Toscón and Calle Teide.

Tías Ayuntamiento asks both drivers and pedestrians to pay attentions to the signs that will be placed on closed roads: https://www.ayuntamientodetias.es/el-ayuntamiento-de-tias-comunica-los-cortes-de-trafico-por-el-carnaval-de-puerto-del-carmen-2023/

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