25th Oct 2021 @ 9:04 am

Spain’s Public Health Commission last month agreed to proceed with third anti-Covid jabs for all citizens over the age of 70.  The campaign commences today, the 25th October and vaccinations are likely be combined with this year’s flu jab for many recipients.

Anti-Covid booster vaccinations will be offered to 6.8 million Spanish residents over 70, as long as they have passed more than six months since receiving the second jab. The government plans to extend the campaign to the 65-69 year-old age group shortly afterwards. Most will receive the Pfizer vaccine, although some will be given the Janssen or Moderna jabs.

The Canarian Health Service will also launch its winter flu jab campaign on October 28th. If you’re  over 60, pregnant, chronically ill, or a health worker or caregiver of vulnerable people, you’re in the target group and can already book an appointment on 112 or 928 301012.

If you’re over 70 you’re also likely to be offered a Covid booster jab at the same time, which will be administered in the other arm. 

In the last flu season before the coronavirus pandemic (2019/2020), 250 flu cases were hospitalised and 36 died on the Canaries. Covid restrictions and a strong take-up for flu vaccines are believed to be the main reason for why no cases of flu were confirmed on the Canaries last winter.

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