19th May 2022 @ 11:55 am

In a recent report released by the Lanzarote Data Centre, the average daily expenditure per tourist increased to 151 euros in the first quarter of 2022.

The increase in tourists’ daily expenditure shows the post-Covid recovery is continuing at a decent pace. According to ISTAC and the Lanzarote Data Centre.

In the previous quarter the average spend per tourist per day was 134 euros. In the first quarter of 2019 the daily spend was 113 per tourist per day.

From January to March this year, tourists spent 67 euros on accommodation per day, 38 euros on national or international transport, 12 euros on local transport, 22 euros on food, 5 euros on sports or leisure activities, 3 euros on shopping and 80 cents on miscellaneous.

These are good signs; however, Lanzarote is still below the average in the Canary Islands, which only Gran Canaria has surpassed with a daily spend of 161 euros.

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