The Toughest Challenge

Johan Wagenaar and Ilse Verlaan from Bike Sensations both took part in Lanzarote's Ironman earlier this year. For Johan, who has completed seven Ironman races, four of them on Lanzarote, it was nothing new; but for Ilse, it was her first time. We chatted to them about the experience.

Virtual circuit of Lanzarote

Iris Heath is walking Lanzarote's coastline alone in memory of her late husband John and in aid of Parkinson's disease. But she's doing it from her home in Bristol... We found out more.

Working toward a better Tías

Nicolás Saavedra is a busy man. The only representative of the Podemos party in Tías Ayuntamiento's governing group, he and his team have been in charge of the Departments of Social Services, Security & Emergencies, Animal Welfare, Equality and Fishing at Tías Ayuntamientos since 2019, during which time the island has been through one of the toughest social crises it has ever experienced. We spoke to him last month.

Sporting outlook

Alfredo Mendoza was placed in charge of the Sports Department at Lanzarote's Cabildo in November last year, after the collapse of the pact in Arrecife where he had been in charge of culture, fiestas and the local police. He arrived at the department just as the island was about to take a turn towards normality after almost two years of Covid restrictions on sporting activities.

Scanning the sands

Those tourist beaches must be full of luxury watches and diamond earrings, right? And what about all that pirate gold hidden around the island? We went to Famara beach to chat to metal detecting hobbyist and YouTuber Roger Guedes about Lanzarote's glittering treasure.

The height of excellence

Arrecife's Gran Hotel is a landmark – both in its physical presence as the only high-rise building on Lanzarote, but also as a standard of excellence. Hotel director Luis Miguel Morales has worked there for almost 20 years, so we chatted with him about the island's most instantly recognisable hotel.