Mas Wellness: Intense Relaxation

Excited, newly-arrived holiday makers are sipping champagne as we pass through the opulent foyer of the Jameos Playa Hotel in Puerto del Carmen. Their stress is over, their holiday is just about to begin and just down the broad, curved staircase is a place where they'll be able to relax more than they could ever imagine.

More than a Spa

Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop in Playa Blanca are well known for their quality products and unmatched service. We chatted with manager Steven Mottershaw about their new shipment of spas.

Tina makes me feel free!

What happens when an icon dies? Lanzarote has seen its share of Tina Turner tributes over the years, so following her recent death we interviewed Praylene Jackson, who performs the Tina Turner Show six nights a week in various hotels on the island.

A very good year

Indian Delights celebrated its third birthday this August. Their third year in business has proved to be their best yet, with the challenges of Covid long behind them, Ramesh and Sara Saraswati look at the past three years and look to the future with optimism.

Lydia Dant – The Iron Lady

In May this year, Lydia Dant from Cheltenham took the Lanzarote Ironman female title for the second year running, and she's dead set on making it a hat trick in 2024. We decided to find out a little more about her inspirational journey.

“I do, I show, I taste”

Every single day, Lanzarote's hotels feed several thousand guests – a task that requires huge organisation and skills. To get an idea of what is involved, we spoke to Vicente Rodríguez, head chef at the Seaside Los Jameos Playa Hotel in Matagorda, Puerto del Carmen.