Making a difference

Aduén Morales García is a powerhouse. The young man from Argana Alta in Arrecife is one of the directors of the litter-collecting charity Lanzarote Limpia, a director of the Argana Alta Residents' Movement, Vice President of the Unión Norte Canarian wrestling club in Haría and a volunteer for Cáritas and a prisoners' reinsertion charity. We were lucky enough to grab him just before an important meeting at the Cabildo.

A record-breaking year for Kevin Caton

In 2020, Kevin Caton of the Las Palmeras Golf Society has managed to achieve what very few golfers ever do: an incredible 12 shots drop in his handicap in just 7 months! Jean-François Crinquand meets him.

Murder in Playa Blanca!

Chris Berry's critically-acclaimed first crime novel, Tough Season was set in the hard world of northern rugby league, but for the sequal, Tough Season In The Sun, he's moved the action to Lanzarote. We talked to Chris last month.

Bright Horizons

For this month's cover shoot we'd planned to head to Timanfaya but as we reached Matagorda, photographer Sabrina realised that the sand at low tide was reŠflecting the massive sky above. It was the perfect place. Later we had a word with our model, local lad Marcos Knight.

Lighting up lives

Harriet Jelley and her husband Fernando have brought joy and wonder to kids all over Lanzarote with their Princess Dream Parties events. This December they are going above and beyond to bring the Christmas spirit to those in need.

Steering Lanzarote Through

María Dolores Corujo took control of the Cabildo in June 2019, leading a coalition ruling group that removed the Coalición Canaria and its leader, Pedro San Ginés, from power after almost ten years. Nine months later, the coronavirus arrived, Lanzarote locked down and everybody's political priorities changed. As the island's most difficult year for decades comes to an end, we asked her for her impressions.