Places To Visit

The Castillo de San José

The Castillo de San José perches on a rocky outcrop overlooking Lanzarote's busy commercial port. Once the most important military building on the island, it is now one of the island's seven centres of art, culture and tourism created by César Manrique. The museum's director, María José Alcántara, took time to show us around Lanzarote's most important collection of modern art.

Lanzarote’s best museum

Tucked away in the centre of San Bartolomé is the Museo Tanit – a jewel of a museum that deserves to be far better known. We visited to discover some of the fascinating treasures within.

Lanzarote’s hidden cave

Lanzarote’s north is dotted with artificial caves and landscapes which have been sculpted by human hand, wind and water.

Visiting Caleta de Famara

Caleta de Famara and the nearby towns of La Santa and Soo are different from anywhere else on Lanzarote – unique villages whose rhythms of life have been dictated by sea, surf and sand for centuries.

Top 5 Lanzarote photo spots

Lanzarote's landscapes and light make it the perfect place for photography, but if you're looking for some fantastic photos, some places stand out above all others. Here are five of the best:

Visiting Playa Honda

Playa Honda is the second-largest town on Lanzarote, but many tourists barely know it exists. That's their loss, because this is a place that's definitely worth discovering.

Visiting La Graciosa

La Graciosa is one of the highlights of anybody's trip to Lanzarote, but it's worth planning it an advance. Here’s what to do on your trip.

Lanzarote markets guide

Here’s a quick guide to the biggest markets on Lanzarote, from charming farmer’s markets where you can buy fresh produce, to handicrafts and souvenirs and gifts.

Visiting Las Palmas

If you live on Lanzarote, sooner or later you’ll need to go to our provincial capital Las Palmas. Whether it’s for leisure, business, or medical reasons, you’ll discover a city that might just take your breath away.

Where to find Lanzarote’s wild plants

When Lanzarote has been drenched a good few times, gardeners, farmers and sightseers enjoy a brief paradise of greenery and flowers. A wide range of daisies, vetches, violets, mustard, bugloss and other flowers pop up during this brief period. Here’s where you can spot them.