Vehicle fire in Playa Honda

The emergency services were called to a vehicle fire in Playa Honda in the early hours of this morning.

Aldi for Playa Honda

The Ayuntamiento of San Bartolomé has awarded a licence for the opening of an Aldi supermarket in Playa Honda.

Mojo Wheels competition winners

More than fifty skateboarders competed in the first edition of the Cabildo’s new sporting event titled “Mojo Wheels”.

Playa Honda underpass re-offered

The contract to construct an underpass that will relieve traffic on the playa Honda roundabout was opened to bidders again yesterday.

Angel shark rescued

Yesterday morning the Cabildo’s Wildlife Department and Boluntis rescued an Angel shark that had gotten stuck between rocks in Playa Honda.

Road improvement

A project to improve the road serving the western end of Playa Honda's industrial zone has been put out to tender by San Bartolomé Ayuntamiento.

Playa Honda puts pedestrians first

The Cabildo has given 2.4 million to Playa Honda to help improve the situation for pedestrians in the three of the main streets in the town.