“Alisio” sculpture unveiled

A new sculpture was unveiled yesterday in Playa Honda, at the foot of Calle Mastil – the road leading to the secondary school near the airport.

Playa Honda Fiestas

The weekend fiestas in Playa Honda begin today, with several events taking place over the following days.

Beach security for Playa Honda

Playa Honda will have more lifeguards on its beaches this summer after San Bartolomé has bumped up security on its most popular beaches.

Yacht runs ashore in Playa Honda

A 12 metre yacht ran aground off the coast of Playa Honda yesterday.

Playa Honda health centre

The planning project for a new health centre in Playa Honda has been completed.

Playa Honda road plan awarded

The contract to draw up a plan for the new motorway that will connect the airport to the hospital has been awarded for a cost of €1.1 million.

Vehicle fire in Playa Honda

The emergency services were called to a vehicle fire in Playa Honda in the early hours of this morning.

Aldi for Playa Honda

The Ayuntamiento of San Bartolomé has awarded a licence for the opening of an Aldi supermarket in Playa Honda.

Mojo Wheels competition winners

More than fifty skateboarders competed in the first edition of the Cabildo’s new sporting event titled “Mojo Wheels”.

Playa Honda underpass re-offered

The contract to construct an underpass that will relieve traffic on the playa Honda roundabout was opened to bidders again yesterday.