13th Oct 2023 @ 9:24 am

This Sunday the competitive swim between the Isla de Lobos and Fuerteventura will see over 250 swimmers take on the challenge.

The XXIV Travesía A Nado will see over 250 swimmers take on a 3,500 metre crossing between Punta del Marrajo on the Isla de Lobos to the port in Corralejo.

The 258 participating swimmers have arrived on the Canaries from across the world (Italy, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Granada, and of course the Canaries.) Of the participants 169 are men and 89 are women.

The race begins at 12 noon at Punta de Marrajo and the fastest swimmers are expected to arrive in Corralejo at 12:45pm.

If you want to watch the swimmers take on the challenge from Corralejo, you can take a trip on any of the ferry operators at the new port in Playa Blanca.

The event has been organised by Club Deportivo Herbania and Club Deportivo el Charco de Herbania Atlético. In collaboration with the Fuerteventura Cabildo, Ayuntamiento de La Oliva, Puertos Canarios, Capitanía Marítima, Activa Canarias, Protección Civil, Oby Group-Barco Celia Cruz, Crimera Fuerteventura SL, Asesoría Umpiérrez Rebordinos, Naviera Armas, Federación Canaria de Natación, Casa Fausto, Crearte, Tiquital, Transportes Pablo de León, Nortour-Barco El Majorero, Spine, El Cangrejo Colorao.

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