30th Apr 2024 @ 7:26 am

After years of disagreements between previous administrations, the Cabildo and Arrecife Ayuntamiento have reached a consensus on the renovation project for the Plaza de las Palmas in Arrecife.

Cabildo President, Oswaldo Betancort, has stated that “After years of disagreements between the previous administrations, we have managed to reach a consensus on a renovation project for the San Ginés church square that recovers the historical heritage and the spirit of César Manrique.”.

“Once it is supervised by the Colegio de Arquitectos, the Cabildo will put the work out to tender and award it for an amount of 771,182.57 euros”, councillor Ascensión Toledo added.

“The square will once again bear the mark of our artist and will be a friendly and accessible space for pedestrians and residents in the area”, Toledo continued.

Toledo also thanked “the effort and work done by the technicians who have had to modify the project on countless occasions to try to reconcile the island and municipal interests and combine the protection of the historical heritage.”

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