2nd Sep 2022 @ 8:15 am

It’s always stressful when important belongings go missing, and Lanzarote’s no different. Here’s what to do if you lose items.


If you’re absolutely sure that property of value is not where you left it, then you should report it to the police immediately. They’ll fill out a denuncia (declaration of missing property) that will be valid for insurance claims. Reporting a loss does not involve cancellation of your passport, driving licence or ID card, which will have to be carried out later, usually when applying for a replacement.

If you’ve lost credit or debit cards, you’ll need to cancel them as soon as possible, too. This can usually be done online.

All this is incredibly inconvenient, so you may want to make sure your search is finished first.


Panicking will not help. Try and take some time to remember the last time you saw the items, and what you have done or where you have been since.


Ask at any places you have visited to see if items have been handed in. Airports, hotels and most businesses have protocols in place for lost property. Although police are likely to contact you if reported property is handed in, you may wish to return to the police station after a day or two to see if anything has been handed in.

Non-valuable items may not be handed in, but there’s a chance they may still be around if you lost them on a beach or public place.


Posting an appeal on one of the island’s local Facebook pages can bring results. If you’re really lucky you may discover someone else has already found the item and posted it!


Spanish law says that it can be a crime to keep lost property of value. The law says that items should be “delivered into care of the Mayor”, meaning that it should be handed in to local police. If it isn’t claimed within two years, the finder is permitted to keep it.

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