28th Feb 2023 @ 12:07 pm

The President of Asentra, the Canarian Association of Haulage Operators, has warned that supplies may be affected by the stoppages called by his federation of businesses.

Roberto Jerez yesterday warned that stoppage of 90% of lorries operating in Canarian ports “could cause important supply issues,” but could not predict what they might be.

The haulage companies belonging to Asentra are demanding that use of the tachograph – the device that measures working days and rest stops – be changed “to reflect Canarian realities”. However, lorry drivers’ unions are concerned that this may lead to the exploitation of their members.

Stoppages are set to continue over the coming days. Unlike official industrial action by trade unions, no minimum services apply when businesses call a halt.

The Canarian Government has, so far, been firm in its condemnation of the strike, claiming that the tachograph issue cannot be solved overnight because it is a national and European issue. “If there are supply failures, it won’t be our responsibility,” said Canarian Transport Minister. Sebastian Franquis.

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