23rd Aug 2022 @ 8:00 am

Useful Spanish words of the week! This week we list Spanish words that you will find useful at the post office. Feel free to bookmark the page or screenshot the words for when you need them.

Abroad – al extranjero

Address – dirección

Air mail – por avión

Clerk – dependiente

Courier – mensajero

Envelope – sobre

Mail – correo

Mailbox – buzón

Note – nota

Package – paqueta

Postage – franqueó

Postcard – tarjeta postal

Postcode – código postal

Postman – cartero

Printed matter – impresos

Registered letter – carta certificada

To receive – recibir

To reply – responder

To send – enviar

Sender – remitente

Special delivery – correo urgente

Stamp – sello

To write – escribir

Receipt – recibo

What does the package contain? – ¿què contiene el paquete?

Where is the postbox? – ¿dónde està el buzón?

Estuve fuera cuando el cartero vino, tengo un paquete para coger. – I was out when the postman called, I have a package to collect.

Can you think of any other useful words? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

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