15th Apr 2023 @ 11:02 am

Trade union TAMPM (Association of Penitentiary Workers) has denounced a recent fight between inmates and prison staff at the Tahíche prison, which saw four staff members injured.

The fight took place this Tuesday when “one of the three inmates was leaving the isolated unit to return to the group holding. When the staff attempted to move the inmate he reacted violently and aggressively, insulting and threatening the staff and inviting them into his cell. All while barricading himself as far away as possible from the door”, according to the union’s report.

“Two other inmates took advantage of the situation and began hitting the windows, breaking the glass and picking up shards.”

According to the TAMPM report, the staff involved in the fight suffered injuries and sprains, cuts, as well as bruises on their body.

“Situations of great tensions are once again being experienced, with injured public workers and a psychological burden that is gradually taking its toll on them.”

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