14th Jun 2022 @ 1:30 pm

A Lancelot interview with shop owners has highlighted the struggle in Lanzarote to make ends meet, with many businesses struggling with the increased costs.

Most items and bills that you can think of have likely increased in price – electricity, food and fuel prices all continue to rise. Many residents aren’t making ends meet due to the increased costs which is proving an insurmountable problem for many shop owners.

In the Lancelot interview one café owner stated “in just a year the price of electricity has doubled what we used to pay every month. The cost of food supplies has increased too, a carton of eggs used to cost 3.50 euros and now we have to pay 5.50 – similarly with butane canisters they used to cost 30 euros and now it’s more than 50 euros.”

Lanzarote businesses will take all they can get right now and every penny counts. Supporting local businesses by popping in for a bite to eat, leaving positive reviews on the internet and telling your friends about your favourite spot can mean the world to a small business.

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