3rd Mar 2023 @ 10:18 am

Arrecife Ayuntamiento have begun work on the remodelling of Calle Manolo Millares in Arrecife, the road that leads straight through the capital.

One of the major changes to the three-lane road is that the direction will be reversed on one of the lanes, leaving that head towards the airport and the other in the opposite directions. The new lane will only follow this change between Calle Idelfonso Valls de la Torre and Calle Almirante Boado.

The parking on this street will now be removed also, reserving space for taxis and public bins. New pavements and trees will be installed in remaining free spaces from where vehicles currently park.

Additionally, electricity and telephone lines will be installed under the street.

The project has a budget of approximately 900,000 euros and has a deadline of 8 months to be completed.

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